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Asked: 3 years ago

where is Kharjo after sending him home?

i sent Kharjo "home" because i was doing a quest which caused me to have a different NPC. and now i don't know where he is, anyone know where he can be found? i have a house in whiterun, no where else. he didnt show up there,

Additional details - 3 years ago

I think he goes back to his caravan, but i'm not sure the path they take to go from city to city if anyone knows that i'm sure he will be with them.

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This actually happened to me too, and I found him in a weird place. Go south of riften, a fairly good ways, there is a broken statue in a grove of trees and he is there. Hope that helps!

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I am having trouble finding this, can anyone help?

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He goes back to his caravan like you figured, I end up bumping into him outside Riften the most, where the little tents get set up

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Riften to Downstar. His caravan takes that route, i actually met him as we took down a dragon together in Downstar, dragon legit died on the ship moored in the harbor. I knew then we were gonna roll.

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