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Where can I find the invisibility spell? or how do I get the spell tome?

I need this spell so I can be invisible for thieves guild and dark brotherhood quests.

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I dont want/need the chameleon spell. I want to be invisible. It isnt totally necessary that I get it to complete those quest lines, but I want it because it makes them more fun for me.

likeucrazy provided additional details:

I found the Invisibility spell. In winterhold college, the Master Illusion trainer sold the Invisibility Spell Tome to me. It was so worth the 1200 septims I spent on it. My illusion skill was level 67 or 68 when it finally became available.

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Haphestus20 answered:

I use potions, but I don't know where to buy them or how to make them. I found them in dungeons. Very useful for the Dark Brotherhood.
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Blades_Artemis answered:

Don't believe there's a Chameleon spell in this game, if it is, it would be in Winterhold's college.
Otherwise there's plenty of potions or you can finish the Thieve's Guild and get a 120 second Chameleon Power.
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Blades_Artemis answered:

Well Chameleon is invisible :P Apparently the 'Shadow' Stone also gives you invisibility for a while. But it's impossible to have an invisibility 'spell' only powers which are once a day sorta things.
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