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How do I dual wield two swords?

There are some sayings in game and on internet for dual wielding swords. But how do I do it? When I select two swords, it just replaces the one on my right hand!

Accepted Answer

specter85398786 answered:

Select first sword: use the button that corresponds to attacks from your right hand.
Select second sword: use the button that corresponds to attacks from your left hand.

If both are the same sword, then highlight that sword and then use the buttons for both your left and right hands.
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Fatman322 answered:

If you're on an xbox, pull the left trigger to equip it to your left hand, and right trigger for right hand. No idea what you do for pc.
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bakuganlover answered:

Either listen to these two, or you might be trying two-handed swords (Greatswords) you can't duel wield swords made for 2 hands!
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