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I finished the forsworn conspiracy quest and now the guards wont stop trying to arrest me!!!?

after the forsworn quest the gurads from Markarth keep coming up to me and trying to arrest me and Im not able to pay off my bounty. It only gives me the option to either go to jail or fight them. If i select go to jail nothing happens, i just stop talking to the guard but then like 5 seconds later a guard will tell me im under arrest again!

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xJdKxZomBiE answered:

this is going to suck, but you need to fight your way through markarth to the shrine of talos, go inside find the original 3 guards that were the quest waypoint triggers for the forsworn conspiracy quest, talk to them if you can, otherwise kill them. Now based on your options it will either be pay off your bounty (by the time i figured this out i had 16047 bounty there :( ) but its the only way to get them to leave you alone.
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Bdizzle15 answered:

Go to jail. A new mission will begin while you're in there. Didn't you kinda realize there was no other way out of it but to be arrested.
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gamer20111994 answered:

Allow them to take you to jail. There is a quest that will start that is only 10-15 minutes then you get your stuff back and they won't try to arrest you anymore
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xJdKxZomBiE answered:

sorry i forgot to add the other part, either take me to jail which will make them leave you alone, or you perform the standard jail sequence. Either way, its the only way that seems to have worked. good luck!
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DJ_McIvor answered:

This quest is severely bugged at the moment... hopefully the next patch resolves it (v1.2). If you have save from before the quest started there might be a way to get through it like I did. The trick is to return Elrys after finding each piece of evidence. He'll pay you 1000 septims for each one too. Do them all in order but do not do the one about Nepos. After returning to find him dead and meeting the guards, agree to go quietly. The quest will finish and you'll go to jail. Complete the jail quest normally but be sure to save during because this one is bugged as well. The only problem now is that the guards are still in the shrine of Talos so you can never return there which is bummer cause Elrys's body has like 800 septims on him but retrieving it is impossible without alerting them. Hope it helps!
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

Well, I'm assuming you've got this sorted out already since its been five days. But the same thing happened to me and I had to leave Markarth and get arrested in one of the outlying villages of the Reach before the guards would actually take me to Cidhna Mine for my jail time.
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MacDaddyArdican answered:

The same is happening to me. But I went to Markarth and killed all the guards even the ones in the temple. my bounty is like $6,000 but no one bothers me anymore
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blackrain8789 answered:

It seems your question hasn't been resolved.

In my experiance, I descovered the conspiracy, then I had the guards in the Talos Shrine, I chose to attack since they wouldn't leave me alone either by bribe, informing my membership with the Theives Guild, etc., so I killed the three of them, and on may way to escape, I killed 4 more and called it quits and let them take me in to the mines. I helped the leader/founder of the Forsworn escape (yet later I was attacked by the Forsworn while roaming the reach to bring that girl for Debilla, what I wonderful way to say 'Thank you!' isn't it?) and I still have the guards trying to arrest me. My resolve, I tell them to take me to the mines, then they say 'Very well', leave me alone until a few minutes later (if I'm still in the Reach at that time) AND they clear my bounty in the Reach! I find it annoying they still try to arrest me for a crime I already served for, but at least I don't go the the mines and I can bring total chaos and get of with out trouble!

Note: One of the previous answers suggested a patch that may fix that, that may work for you is you are using a PC version, mine is on XBOX360, so no patch to fix it for me!
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