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How Do I Get Married?

I wear the Amulet of mara but no girl wants me. I'm a khahjti
I have two companions the body guard for my house in markarth, and janessa the women in whiterun, one is a potentialmarrage (the girl).


Fu11meta1Scar answered:

You can marry only certain girls
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Poizion answered:

Khahjiti are the only race in the game that cannot get married. Any other race can, but not Khahjiti, sorry man.
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bakuganlover answered:

Wow. @Poizon That is the most WRONG answer I have EVER seen. Khajits CAN get married. I AM a Khahjit, and i am married to some Winterhold chick.
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capdanbob231 answered:

You must go to riften to the temple of mara and ask oneof the people there for the amulet of mara which is 500 gold and do a girl a big favor.
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biscuitsforbunn answered:

Don't worry, khajiits can get married, my brother's a khajiit (wow that sounds wierd!) You need to do quests or favors for them. For example you have to give Ysolda a mammoth tusk.
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