Question from starey

How do you use the Whirlwind sprint shout ?

I have x box exactly do you use the whirlwind sprint shout. I am trying sprint with LB and RB for shout but my character does not seem to move fast enough. What am I doing wrong?

Indianawinny asked for clarification:

Did you equip it? Magic Manu -> Shouts -> Whirlwind Sprint

Accepted Answer

gcthemonkey answered:

You have to switch to it in the menu
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skyrim1991 answered:

Did you kill enough dragons and get their souls to activeate it? press x on it.
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RPAnderson answered:

Just try hitting RB by itself. I'm not sure it works while sprinting at the same time; assuming the Gray Beards gave it to you, it should be unlocked.
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timemaster77 answered:

You have to set it as your active power and i do not believe you can use it while sprinting
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J624 answered:

You must know at least one word of the shout and have unlocked the shout by pressing X on it in the magic menu. Once all this has been done, you have to select/equip it. You cannot use a shout while running, so you must release LB before pressing RB to use the shout.
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