Question from skyrim1991

How do I solve (The Fishing Job)?

Stealing the emarld off the guy i Keep getting caught...

Or a pickpocket Trainer

skyrim1991 provided additional details:

I wa thinking canceling it then i can just kill him grab it then start the quest over again?

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chris764 answered:

The other option is just do another job with that dude they really dont care and it doesnt affect anything if u say i want to quit this job. i tried that one too and every fishing side job i tried i couldnt do no matter how much i brought my pickpocketing up with apparel and rings and even with that pickpocketing potion i just quit trying to do the fishing jobs cause i couldnt do em u just do another job w that dude like just keep doin the numbers job with that delvin dude.
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Fatman322 answered:

Go to the Thieves guild and have one of them teach you pickpocketing. I can't remember who, but one of them can.
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AceofAssassin answered:

You can go to the thieves guild and upgrade your pickpocket skill then try if that doesn't work use an invisibility potion or just do what chris764 said
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moonkill3 answered:

Good answers also try to improve sneak so you can get close undetected,try finding boots with muffling.Also in Windhelm theres a beggar chick who will teach you pickpocket training.
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mellored answered:

Go get trained in pickpocketing. Then pickpocket the trainer to get your money back, then train again, then pickpocket your money back, then train again...
Gear or potions can also help increase your skill.
Being undetected (sneaking behind him), gives you a rather large bonus as well.
Wait till he's asleep, as that will increase your chances.
Get a perk or 5.

Or just quit the job and get another job. They are random and repeatable.
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elauka answered:

Theres a trainer in the theives guild, dont remember who it is. Otherwise just save before you pickpocket, then keep reloading till you get it.
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siege924 answered:

You can't kill the guy (you fail the job). What's the chance (%) of success? Just keep looking in the target's inventory and, everytime you exit and re-enter, the percentage should go up. It takes a while, but it will eventually be high enough for success.
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chris764 answered:

i jUst dont do the fishing jobs i can never do em i keep getting caught and im sure u dont get to keep what u fish out of their pockets anyway. and in my opinion pickpocketing skill isnt worth wasting ur perks on no one really ever has anything good in there pockets. i just instead always do the numbers and bedlam jobs for that devlin dude just as fun and much easier(especially the numbers job seriously easy)
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demonicshoruko answered:

Vipir the fleet in the thieves guild is the master trainer for pickpocket. Make sure you pour into the first perk a few times as well as night thief. Those will help you greatly.
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