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Where can I find carry weight increase spell/enchantment?

Are there any?

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josteria562 answered:

The pickpocketing perk also gives you 100 more carrying capacity
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skyrim1991 answered:

If so it would be on random loot then disenchant at altar, I like carrying the thieve guild armor. 35+ capcaitcy, and a few potion of strength, 40 cap for 400 seconds letting you fast travel
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MacDaddyArdican answered:

The shirt from the thieves guild armor has feather.
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Carcass23 answered:

What you need (and what I think you are referring to) is the "fortify stamina" enchantment.
That increases the weight you can carry.
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hellraiser33 answered:

There is also a loop hole if u have a high enough conjuration. A master spell called dead thrall (lets u resummon a dead person by using the spell on them. Like a reanimate spell but more powerful obvsious and its permament.) The human acts like a living storage unit. When u need to put stuff away jus kill him(dont behspellead him tho or the spell wont work) store ur stuff nd use dead thrall on him. Must have around 300 magika tho :/ lol hope its useful!
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hellraiser33 answered:

Behead him*
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