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Elder Scrolls Knowledge help?

The quest marker leads me to the old orc in the College of Winterhold. When I talk to him about the Elder Scrolls, he won't tell me how or where to find it so I can't proceed with the main quests. Help plz

thecromunist asked for clarification:

Saw my buddy do it...I'm going to keep doing that guys mission...if not I will try that sigmus septon quest or whatever. If anyone knows anything else let me know please.

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qwweetrtr answered:

You have to talk to him and then wait. Don't select any other option when he says he has to "get what knowledge they have, which isn't much" after that he walks over to the one cabinet and then to the table you talked to him at and then the two books appear. If you do another option he won't get them until you go through the questions again. So wait and get out of his way to allow him to walk to the places.
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skyrim1991 answered:

So, You killed the dragon? The main one? Cause after the quest you can sell the elder scroll back to that same orc.
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Fatman322 answered:

Have you tried all the options? Do you have to talk to someone else first? I went to him and he had me go find a book or something for him first.
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bluedragon619 answered:

The Orc gets two books out for you , read them and THEN he will give you more information
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thecromunist answered:

I have the same problem, the books are not there. I screwed something up, is this a glitch?
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bad_dave answered:

When I talked to the Orc nothing happened but then I turned round and the books you need were on the desk behind me.
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