Question from manic2

Where can I find the guys i need to see about the home in whiterun?

i have the dragon tabulet.I need to know where to find jarl and then the other guy who can sell me a house in whiterun.I have A LOT of cool stuff i dont want to sell.but,its really weighing me down.PLEASE HURRY!

manic2 provided additional details:

ok I got it!note:you do need to agree to help the people in charge with thier cause before the house option comes up in conversation.i found the guy in the house on the hill where the jarl is,to the left in a war planning room.i agreed to help,did a battle and returned.THEN i could buy the house in whiterun.


Joshuam303 answered:

Inside dragonsreach at the top of whiterun, inside is the jarl sitting on his chair usually and there should be a man next to him called Proventus avenicii. ask to buy the house from him it will be 5,000. Also you may be able to buy it from a person called Brill
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