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Where is the Ebony Mail?

Well, more specifically, where can I start the Boethiah's Daedric Lord quest? No one seems to know or won't tell where it is.

I'm a stealthy character, and I heard that it's effects are phenominal for the sneaky player. No need to tell me what it does, because I already looked it up on a Wiki. I just need to know how to get it.

Accepted Answer

sglobensky answered:

First you must be at least level 32 to get this quest "boethias calling"this quest can be triggered by one of the folling ways : finding a book titled boethias proving ( wich are randomly strewn about the region once you are of proper level) AND READING IT.
during your travels you can randomly encount a boehtia cultist kill him/her take the book from the corpse and read it. or you can simply walk up the the "sacellum of boethia" and talk to em.
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MiDiAN007 answered:

I was doing a side quest in ansilvund. and i got attacked by a boethia follower. I killed him and he had a book on him that showed me the location of the shrine.
I think the side quest is to find a book, the chimivilaran or something
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