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Can i mix the powers of the ring of hircine and vampirism?

This is a two part ? how do i exactly use the "ring of hircine" and part two if im a vampire can i use the ring to turn into a wolf so i can have both powers?

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hellraiser33 answered:

It only works for werewolf. But just a hint if your not a wolf yet you can be turned into a vampire by finding one in broken fang cave in whiterun. After that finish the silver hand quest for the campanions and you can be both wolf and vampire....only works this way bc wolves are immune to ALL diseases so ya.
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Ciryadin answered:

You wear the ring, and in the magic - powers menu you can select Hircine's Ring.

And no it only works if your a werewolf, it's useless if your not one.
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Eightyeight0880 answered:

The awnser above is somewhat right. Its a glitch in the game and only works eh....half the time i did it and r both i have all their stregnths but none of theit weeknesses buty from time 2 time ill either randomly transform or the vampiric effects of sunlight and feeding hsappen but ususally it will say im either one or the other but this will sometimes effect how ppl percieve you since your both also you r permanently stage 4 vampire but as i said before ity just depends on how they percieve you (if someone notices your vampiric half then stage 4 goes into effect) but usually that will not happen. SO if you do get this glitch to work then just becareful other than that its awesome! Hope this looooooooong awnser helps!
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hyoujin18 answered:

Yes, and you become a werepyre.
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