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Asked: 3 years ago

Is there a way to get Tolfdir to fire the Spell in First Lessons?

He won't fire when I stand on the marker and cast the ward spell.

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When i did this quest he wouldnt fire the spell either, i had to put up the ward spell like three times before he actually fired the spell make sure u are looking straight at him so there is no chance of him hitting u or he wont cast it

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Probably a stupid glitch like mine. Im convinced this quest is rock solid broken for many people until they fine tune the probable outcomes of what happens during the npc's on-rails sequence of actions. read what happened to me. This is the link to my post

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Try holding up the ward longer, it might be hard with 100 mana and no perks. Also if he is stuck pathing wise you can always unrelenting shout him to fix a pathing error

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I had to cast the ward for the full duration of my magicka bar. Took me a few times to realize this.

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You have to stand on the marking on the floor and look straight at him. Once you do so, he should start talking to you about preparing yourself. Use the spell to block his attack a couple times and you are done.

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Look this has happend to me before aswell what happens is he will on cast it when u a certain distance from him if u look down he will stand on a corcle with a eys or something stand on the circle across him and he will fire it u can also try reloading the save game or unrelenting shout him hope this helps

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