Question from LoneWolf117z70

What is the Highest level in Skyrim?

Is there a level cap, and what is the most perks one can get?

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jctthe3rd answered:

it says in the stradegy guide that there is no level cap but you can max out your skills to 100. if you max out your skills then u will be at around lvl 80.

HOWEVER, there are over 200 perks, so you can not get them all since you only get one every time you lavel up.
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Beldum555 answered:

Not sure of the level cap but it goes until all skills are maxed out. Keep in mind that not every perk is possible even with all skills maxed out.
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xWARxMASTERLIP answered:

81 is the max. I did the Oghma Infinium glitch. I managed to max out a couple of skill trees and start a couple others.
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