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Where can i find the thieves guild caches?

I did 1 city influence quest in whiterun and completed it for the thieves guild got the quest from doing 5 random missions from vex and devlin in the thieves guild and the strat guide says i should see thieves guild marked barrels in special hidden spots in the city called thieves guild caches and there not there any1 know why. please help i looked everywhere around city and where they said they were suppose to be an nothings there.

chris764 provided additional details:

Yeah i know that thanx im just wonderin if u have to do all the special thieves guild missions in each hold to have any of the caches show up.

Accepted Answer

Darknesse13 answered:

They have the thieves guild emblem carved on them if i remember properly, It is a diamond with a square in it ,i think.
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