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Amulet of Talos?

If one has the "Amulet of Talos" how dose one get rid of it? (Who do you give it too or where dose it go?)

LoneWolf117z70 provided additional details:

What is the ladys name and where in Solitude can one find her? (I have three "Amulets of Talos", two in my inventory and one in a chest.)

LoneWolf117z70 provided additional details:

OK I know it could be a woman and she might live in Solitude. "What the hell is her name!!!"

Accepted Answer

Om01kan3 answered:

Talk to a girl named Svari you asks you to help her mother Greta, Give Greta the amulet, Also note that if you pick up another amulet of Talos, or any Item that is present in a quest it will not be removable I.E. in "A Night To Remember" if you pick up any extra giants toes or alto wine you will be stuck with them until the completion of the quest
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Jwguy answered:

Supposedly, there is a woman in Solitude who wishes to have Roggvir's Amulet of Talos from his corpse. She's related to him, I believe, and you can get it to her via asking to do a favor for her. She'll take the amulet.

I am not sure if this causes other Amulets of Talos to become non-quest items, after that point. (I found one in loot, as well, so I have two).
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PsychoL1027 answered:

You talk to the women's daughter first shell ask for your help and you'll talk to her mom you end up giving her mom the amulet quest over (warning:if you took the amulet off the Guy before she asks for it you can't complete the quest... when I did it though I could finnaly drop the amulet)
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jonathan_james_ answered:

The quest Amulet of Talos comes from Markath in the hall of the dead place [I think, might need a second on that] if I remember right. That specific Amulet of Talos is the only one that'll get stuck in your inventory. All the rest of them can be dropped, sold or stored wherever [unless there's another quest Amulet of Talos I'm not aware of].
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jonathan_james_ answered:

My previous comment was inaccurate. I'm on a new run through and can't remove an Amulet retrieved from a different location.
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jonathan_james_ answered:

I've discovered a partial solution that can work at least a little bit for anyone with 3 or 4 Amulets of Talos stuck in their inventory.

Store any stolen goods in your possession in the house for safe keeping. Then in any town or city punch someone, then pay what should just be a 40 gold fine. If like me you have stolen Amulets as part of the stuck pack the guards will then remove those from your inventory.

It's not a fix to the problem but I'm only carrying two of them now instead of three, so at least it's an improvement.
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