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How do I get the Riften house?

I've done the quest to shut down the skooma den and I can't get the house. So is there something else I need to do?

pvt-caboose provided additional details:

The one that has to take that thing back to the dwarven ruin?

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dragonbourn88 answered:

Hi i did the skooma quest, the jarl's sons sword quest, the mages quest in the keep and the blacksmiths and food traders quests. the last 2 quest require 10 fire salts and 5 ice wraith teeth (I would advise checking all the alchamists if you have trouble finding wild ice wraiths and fire atronachs) then i spoke to the jarl and she told me i could get the house.
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PsychoL1027 answered:

There is another argonian on the docks idk if that is a required quest but I did it when I got the house
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PsychoL1027 answered:

Actually I was wrong after the skooma quest help the castle Magellan then talk to the son that wants his sword (he will either be in the main hall or at the training grounds) get his sword bring it to him then a quest should pop up saying "speak to the jarl" she will have a new speak option then shell let you buy the house
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PsychoL1027 answered:

Sorry it says Magellan for some reason I meant mage
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Jared781 answered:

Just keep helping out the yarl and then it will have the option come up in the dialogue
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Ztyrhent answered:

Wujeeta (an Argonian) at the docks is addicted to Skooma and needs a healing potion to quit. You need to do her quest line, and this will send you to the jarl. You will need to do this questline before the jarl lets you buy a house in Riften. If you still cannot purchase a house after completing this questline, you may need to do a few more quests to help out citizens of Riften, such as the Argonian in the inn needs 3 flawless amethysts or a sword delivered to the blacksmith from the jarl's son.
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saitaria answered:

lol Jared781 its Jarl, with a J, even though they pronounce it as y. sorry its just kind of funny :)
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dragonbourn88 answered:

I almost fotgot if you use the same method as the whiterun house to get the house for free it means your only paying for the interior ( or if you have the patience for the interior aswell) just talk to her when she is in her bed and each time before she finnishes speaking put all ure money in the chest next to her bed.
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