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Dragon Shouts?

Where do you fid additional dragon shouts? also, how do you activate them once you find them?

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TehRev answered:

Once you finish the main quest line up to, but not including, Diplomatic Immunity, Go visit the Greybeards again and one of them will have a conversation topic along the lines of "Do you know where to locate any new Dragon Words?" Selecting that option will place a marker on the map, and a quest in the MISC part of your quest guide to go find and learn the DW.

As for learning them...Kill a dragon(which will be spawning randomly at this point in the story), absorb it's soul then hit (B) (default key), then (LEFT) on the joystick to access your magic menu. At the bottom, there will be a SHOUTS option, select that, then highlight the shout you wish to unlock and hit (X) (default key) to learn your new Dragon Word.
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Cassidy11999 answered:

To find more dragon shouts simply explore caves or ruins. and to activate them you have to spen your dragon souls which you get from killing dragons
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odvahiing answered:

Also if you find areas marked with what looks like a dragon head on your map there will be a dragon defending a word wall at that location, there are several of them and some you can find by asking a barkeep. they will give you a bounty on that dragon and the location will be marked on your map.
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