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Skull Of Corruption?

I am on the way to get the achievement in which I need to get all 15 daedric artifacts.

Turns out, the Skull counts in, but beforehand, I let Erandur destroy it before I get my hands on it.

Can I still get the achievement or any possible ways to get it WITHOUT the Skull?

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FF_ace answered:

Actually, it is POSSIBLE have the achievement even missing the Skull. But I don't know if it works for you but anyway, here's the trick.

So, the 15 artifact includes:

1. Azura's Star / Black Star
2. Dawnbreaker
3. Ebony Mail
4. Ebony Blade
5. Mace Of Molag Bal
6. Masque Of Clavicus Vile
7. Mehrunes Razor
8. Oghma Infinium
9. Ring of Namira
10. Sanguine Rose
11. Spellbreaker
12. Volendrung
13. Wabbajack

14. Savior's Hide/Ring of Hircine

15. Skull Of Corruption

Excluding the Skull, there will be only 14 Artifacts.

But in the mission Ill Met By Moonlight, it is possible to obtain BOTH Savior's Hide and Ring of Hircine simultaneously. So that makes the count as 15 artifacts WITHOUT the Skull.

Some spoilers here, hope you don't mind, during the time when Sinding (in werewolf) ask you to join him, agree to do so and eliminate all hunters. Doing this, upon exiting the grotto, Hircine will give you the Ring Of Hircine. Then, go back inside the grotto and kill Sinding immediately, skin him and Hircine will be glitched to appear again in human form to grant you the Savior's Hide. This way, you will obtain 2 artifacts in a mission when you are supposed to obtain one.

Hope it helps!
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DrNewcenstein answered:

So wait, you let someone destroy a Daedric Artifact before you got your hands on it? You can do that in Skyrim? Wow. I've been getting them myself.

So anyway, yeah, I'd say you're not getting that 20 gamerscore.
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dragonbourn88 answered:

I would suggest starting another save at some pint and using it to obtain all the artifacts. I have used this method since oblivion as i dont like being all good and heroic and joining the assassins or thieves and vice versa
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