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Leveling Daedric artifects?

So, I've mastered the Smithing skill and got all the perks, but I can't seem to raise the daedric artifacts level above FINE, I want them to be LEGENDARY. Any ideas???

Hypotinuse provided additional details:

So I have to be specced into heavy armor to get it to legendary? Cause I'm already at 100 for smithing.


sglobensky answered:

Well, your either specced into light armor or your not 100 smithing you need both to improve deadric stuff all the way to legendary.
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hellraiser33 answered:

False, all u need to have lengendary armor is to have smithing all the way to 100. I have every perk in that branch tho idk if it affects it or not. My heavy armor was 37 when I 1st got my daedra armor. Nd maxed it out
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nwanamaker answered:

I ran into the same issue with a Glass Bow (until I replaced it with a Daedra Bow). You need two things to smith Daedra to Legendary (without potions/enchantments).
1) You need to increase your Smithing to 100. This will RAISE your character's skill level to its max.
2) You MUST unlock the Daedra perk. This LOWERS the smithing level required to improve Daedra armor to Legendary. (it lowers the requirement from 130 or so down to 100)

I actually had 100 smithing and still could not improve the Glass Bow to Legendary because I did not choose the Glass perk.

NOTE: The only way around this is using potions and enchantments to boost your levels well past your character's current skills.
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