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How do I solve discerning the transmundane?

All I need is the wood elf blood and high elf blood, can anyone tell me an area wer I can find eachone so I kill an harvest?

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Found all of them except a high elf, know wer to find one out of cities somwer I won't get caught an thrown into prison??

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Wat is near thalmor emb. cant find it on my map probably not discovered yet darknesse13?

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Coyote_Rivers answered:

Some way west of solitude is Northwatch Keep, though it is difficult to reach from here. You can easily get there by going to somewhere along the northern coat, Winterhold or Dawnstar for example, and following the coastline west. It's a bit of a hike but it's the earliest and (possibly) easiest way of getting hold of High Elf blood (without killing civilians) as the Thalmor Embassy only opens up during the "Diplomatic Immunity" quest. You have to find your way to the keep to do the quest "Missing in Action" (started in Whiterun).
Just knock off one (or all) of the guards there and take as much of their blood as you need (ie; one).
For anyone needing the rest; Liar's Retreat (Southwest of Solitude) is good for all the others as the only one it is missing is High Elf.
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Darknesse13 answered:

The Thalmar Embassy has high elves. And the owners of the drunken huntsman are wood elves. If you dont wanna kill civies, then there is usually a wood elf among the bandits at silent moons camp.
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Tydenus answered:

To harvest the blood, you need to loot the corpse of someone from each race. A good place to get this is Liar's Retreat, which has all of the blood types.
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Darknesse13 answered:

^ Good directions to Thalmor Emb
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IHIydra answered:

Alftand actually has a high elf body in it already if you want to just backtrack through it. (It's the dwemer ruin you went through to get to BlackReach). The body will never go away because its there before you go in, one of the people who were exploring it and wound up dead.
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RaveGreg answered:
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