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Can you marry Lydia your whiterun companion?

Is it possible for you to marry Lydia the Whiterun companion you earn from the jarl?

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jammymacster answered:

Previously you couldn't but as of patch 1.5 it is now possible to marry her.
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MrSkyrim answered:

"It is not possible to marry Lydia in-game without the use of console commands. She is however, intended to be a marriage candidate, which is confirmed by looking at the data file (Skyrim.esm). Therefore, she is bugged."

- Elder Scrolls wikia.

So if you are playing on 360/PS3, there is no current way to marry her.

If playing on PC, you can enter this console command after clicking on her, so you can marry her:

addfac 19809 1
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bakuganlover answered:

Your SUPPOSED to be able to marry her, but there is a bug where if wearing the Amulet of Mara, she will not notice you wearing it, and thus will not bring up the conversation. I traded her in for that girl at the College, and she is BA, She took a dragon ALONE in 20s MAX.
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KoKaneZombie answered:

I married her when they had the last up date
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HAYEDERSAL answered:

PC version or not just go to riften and get the amulet of mara, then get Lydia turn off the quests that you
have and go free forming for a bit for the trust thing from her and tada she does pop the question.
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