Question from ryan12_2004

How do you fill a soul gem?

Really dumb question but what can i say, i'm a noob...

Accepted Answer

bugsbunny666 answered:

Using either a weapon described as killing and snaring the soul within a certain time or using the conjuration spell soul trap and carrying an appropriately sized soul gem (or bigger works too) and killing an animal within the time stated on the effect.

You'll see a purple beam flying towards you and a message saying you've captured a soul.

If you see a message saying you don't have a soul gem big enough then look for the next size up and try again.

In order starting with smallest they are:

Petty, lesser, common, greater, grand and black. Black are needed for any npc, meaning someone of a choosable player race that isn't you. Black soul gems that are filled always count as grand for re-charging or enchanting purposes.

That's about it. :)
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