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Asked: 3 years ago

Boethiah's calling ?

I'me having problems with this quest because i have done everything up until the point where you have to sacrifice your follower to her by getting them to touch the alter then you have to kill the follower but i do that and thats it it does not go any further than that but there is more to the quest i'me wondering if this is a glitch or not please help. oh yeah i have the 360 version :)

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That does not work at all i tried it twice and it did not work :( and i like the daedra quests aswell

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From: jammymacster 2 years ago

Killing all of the cultists may allow the quest to proceed. If not then you will need to reload a save to before the glitch occurred and try the following. Take your follower to the pillar of sacrifice, on the far side of the pillar on the side with a fire nearby you should see a white quest arrow marker. Try to get your follower as close as possible to that quest marker and then have them activate the pillar.

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If you fast-travelled there, reload the auto-save and warp there again, but save before you command your follower to activate the shrine just in case.

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Get one of the brawlers or mercenaries from Windhelm and just walk it, its really not that far, or try to fast travel again.

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Travel to knife point ridge. north of twilight santums,

north west of fartharth

kill everyone. outside and in.

Equip ebony mail.

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It is a glitch,I believe you're suppossed to massacre everyone there then Boethiah will tell you to go kill her current champion.If its not activating try reloading a save.

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Also if you were there earlier and killed everyone you cannot finish the quest.

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To complete this quest what you have to do is get a follower and walk to the pillar and touch it, it then will suck your follower into it then kill him/her, then you will have to kill all the people there, then make sure the last one you kill, interact with the body then Boethiah will show up as the last person killed

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Works best if you're not within the circle surrounding the Sacrificial Pillar while you command your Companion to touch the pillar. Boethiah will then speak with you and ask that you fight to the death with "Boethiah's Followers". After being the sole survivor, she will further ask for your assistance which the real Daedric Quest will commence; slay her previous Champion.

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