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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve Shalidor's Maze?

Hello I came across the place where Shalidor's maze is & I got the staffs & got up to the part where I'm warped to the Conger's quest. Where I fight a Dremora & a Flame atronach I don't know how to defeat him & move on? I keep trying to understand what the piece of paper means that I got when I started the maze? "Conjure not but be conjured"

Did I just start this maze with out being told to on a quest task so I am missing something?


Additional details - 3 years ago

well I did enter the drop & then when I try to fight the Dremore I get warped out of the maze & then I fight 2 or three Dremores & then I think I falled the Maze because I go back to the spot & I can't do anything.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Well the spot where the Conjuration trial started has the symbol for Conjuration like in the other parts of the maze you had to use to advance in the maze. So was that just there for looks?

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From: DrNewcenstein 3 years ago

I started it the same way. Found the book, then found the location.

The paper merely gives you hints as to how to progress through the maze (Go through the Alteration side to reach the floor drop to get to the conjured Dremora, etc).

The Dremora should be a straight-forward fight. Melee, magic, whatever you got.

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The prize for completing is a tiara type thing called diadem of the savant. It is on the dremora you have to fight in the conjuration trial. For me, all i had to do was cast one of the spells i used during the maze and it warped me back outside with the dremora from the trial. kill him and there I go with the diadem. plus there is a word wall on the back end of course.

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