Question from Steve_O_1980

Asked: 3 years ago

"Animal Extermination" Glitch *PLEASE HELP!?*

After receiving the Animal Extermination mission from Aeyla(?) of The Companions I've gone to Greenspring Hollow to exterminate the Sabre Cat but I've killed the cat in question prior to receiving/accepting the mission. Now all I have is a marker arrow with no cat & no way to complete the mission. As if that wasn't bad enough, none of the other Companions will give me any more quests until I've done this one, can anyone help me?

Accepted Answer

From: JDTgamr 3 years ago

Those kinds of quests are randomly generated if you were a true experienced player with multiple play throughs you would know that brock but to answer your question that is a sad part of the game if you accidentally do some things too early they become glitched if you havnt tried it wait about 2 days(10days at the most) in game it should respawn this works with most things in the game if not theres nothing you can do.

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A cat? well when i accepted the quest around lvl 6 or so i had to fight trolls. are you sure you did the right quest?

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Is she following you? you need to part ways then re do quest or something

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Open her dialogue again it may have an option to quit the mission, I had a similar problem with one of the thieves guild missions and I just went back and said i didn't want to take it. turned it into a failed mission but then just open another dialogue, it gives you a random one each time so if you quit it and ask again she'll probably give you a different one

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It's funny how you can screw up quests in this game. I was supposed to watch Viarmo read olaf's verse to elisif, but I had already gotten ulfric and tullius to agree to a peace conference, so elisif wasn't in the palace. After the peace conference ended, I suddenly got a notification that I had completed that quest XD

Also, I got a bounty to kill the dragon at bonestrewn crest immediately after I had already killed it. Now, the treasure chest is refilled everytime I go back, but there is never any dragon.

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