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No Stone Unturned Help?

I know there is a Stone of Barenziah in the Thalmor Embassy that I missed, I'm just not sure how to get back in to the embassy to get it. Is it possible to regain entrance to the Thalmor Embassy or is this quest lost to me forever?


dervishkid answered:

You can use a horse to get back in to that area. check it out on youtube
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JCBQ answered:

You could in theory reenter Elewens Solar via the cave below her house. The Prima says its possible but with all of my efforts I couldn't.

The horse theory however, works but be prepared to fight off some angry Thalmor. What you need to do is 'ride' your horse up the tree on the left hand side of the embassy. The horse will slowly climb over. The wall and move into the secondary exterior cell. Just walk towards her Solar. And pick it up. I've tested this theory myself and it does work.

Hope this helps!
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