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Blood on the ice - Glitch at final part?

I've completed pretty much all of the quest (Despite some awkward glitches) and now I'm at the part where you're supposed to hang around the stone quarter.

However rather then let me find the real killer in the act, the real killer runs before I even get to see him (right after I leave the castle no less) and goes into the house.

If I go inside he'll come out and attack me, but he is invincible. He'll go down, but get right back up and run back into the secret room and ignore me.

Any attacks on my part after that and I get charged with assault.

I've looked around a bit and didn't see anything like this on gfaqs so I figured I ask and see if anyone knows wth is going on. D:

bluedragon619 asked for clarification:

This has happened to me with a courier too, he showed up to give me a letter naked, then I attacked him and wasn't a crime, he went down, could not be killed then got back up and hitting him was a crime also found a legate at whiterun imperial camp who could not be killed also, your not alone at least

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jammymacster answered:

This is glitch caused by the game running out of possible murder candidates. This causes Calixto to not leave his house. This bug is fixed in patch 1.4 but if you are still playing with the glitch having occurred then you are stuck with it. Only option is to reload to a previous save before that part of the quest, make sure you are patched up and it should work.
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saitaria answered:

I'm not really sure if this is the correct answer, but i think the problem your having is that you need to go to the little market area (next to the blacksmith) and witness him commiting the murder, although you can still get him if you attack him before he kills the woman. hope this helps.
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tormentedslayer answered:

I have the same problem with the murderer being at the house and ive tried waiting at the stalls for days in the game and doing it hour by hour waits and he never comes ive even tried reloading the save before it and it still glitches the same way anyone know what to do?
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highasanantenna answered:

I actually finished the quest un-intentionally by buying the house in Windhelm (I forget what it's called but it's on the top left on WIndhelm. SOmething like Hjerin. It was thew Butcher's house and fond evidence against and just talked to the right hand man of the Jarl there to finish the quest. You don't have to purchase the house, you just have to go in there. Sorry if this didn't help. Also, remember, this is the most glitchiest quest in the game so if you're still having trouble just wait for a patch. Hope this helped : )
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Lunarace answered:

I killed him before he got in the house and before he killed the cruel sea girl.
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Endar_Telvanni answered:

well all these other posts are their experiences and noone has an ACTUAL answer. neither do i though same thing happened to me now he just hangs around the house and i bought it and everything to go inside it, he never leaves the house just chillin like a villian doesn't die. BUT on a second paythrough, after the one update, every single part of the quest worked perfectly. but the first time i started the quests before the update and now even after it he won't die. Sorry my best answer would be say SCREW this house im going to make roughly 45000 septims and buy the house in solitude and all its toys. i literally have to completely ignore the house. ive even gone back into months (real months) l8r after playing 2 other characters and still can't kill him. LIFE IS PAIN! oh well.
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Indianawinny answered:

Try sprinting and wirlwind sprint to get to him, then when your trying to catch him assasinate him.
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