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Asked: 3 years ago

How many jobs are there in thieves guild?

Been doing "jobs" for thieves guild for ages now it seems, buglary, shill and fhising jobs.... they never end, is there a limit?

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From: jmolstad 3 years ago

There is no limit, as far as I know, to the number of jobs you can do for the guild.

After finishing the main Thieves' quest line (returning the spoilerKey to the mumbleLock), if you keep doing guild jobs, then once in a while (every 5 or 10 quests) Del or Tonila give you a special job (slightly more involved than a normal guild job, but fairly straightforward). After each of Del's jobs, a new merchant shows up near the Ragged Flagon. When all four spots are filled, there's a brief ceremony naming you Guildmaster. You get a set of Guildmaster's armor (better than normal T.G. armor) and the key to the Guildmaster's chest, which is periodically filled with your cut of the other thieves' earnings.

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if you already did the main questline yes.

you can't become guild master if you never did any of those.

they never end to answer the question, but

if you never did the 4 special jobs, there is a glitch where brnolf will not speak with you, unless you did the 4 missons before you became nightgale.

once you do 3 quest per hold. you should get special quest. in each of those holds.

Windhelm solidute markarth whiterun. I do bedlams and restat them if you already did special misson in that hold.. Say you get a markarth bedlam job. restart for something you need.

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I think theres 8 quest in every guild in one mission you can get nightingale armouur in the theives guild

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In the main quests anyway

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There is no limit. However, after doing five missions in each major hold, Delvin will say there is a special mission to do in that particular hold. You can only become guildmaster, after doing all the (4) "Special Missions", and returning the Skeleton key.

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5 jobs for each major town are required to become guildmaster. (Whiterun,Windhelm,Solitude,Markarth, and riften.) Not to sure about riften, i dont think there is 1 for it.

Cause there is a special job for each town.

5 Solitude Jobs will Unlock a Solitude Special Mission from Delvin
5 Whiterun Jobs will give you a special mission from delvin.. etc..

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