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In your opinion who is the best wife to marry?

Trying to find the best and least annoying wife in skryrim...thanks for the help

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I was just wondering if one stood out amongst the others...dunno maybe best looking wife or in other words perhaps someone that the NPCs may consider the "Prize wife"....?

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MattR86 answered:

I say aviod Mjoll the Lioness. Idk if anyone else encountered this, but when you marry her that tool Aerin STILL FOLLOWS HER EVERYWHERE! I moved all the way to Markath, went complete a quest, went to my home and there he was. It doesn't matter where you move too either. If you can put up with that annoyance, then she's not that bad of a wife.
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siege924 answered:

What are you looking for? I think they all make you the same amount of money from their shops and all of them buy the same, non-stolen items.
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bakuganlover answered:

Well, I would consider Brelyna or Onmund, Cuz mage partners are kick-ass. I have seen Brelyna blow people across the room with her spells, so she is pretty awesome. Just don't kill her. Onmund should be relatively the same, he is also a mage, just male. But you say your looking for a wife, so Brelyna is PROBABLY the best choice.
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jonathan_james_ answered:

I just grabbed the girl out of the trader's shop in Riverwood on my first run through. She did my head in though because every time I walked in the house she thanked me for finding her damned claw...

What I'd Suggest is, put off actually choosing the wife or husband until you know what their repeated greeting phrases are. Visit a few potential spouses and then pick one that doesn't bug the hell out of you and looks the way you want.

My wife in my current run through is Aela the Huntress from the companions group in Whiterun.
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Skyrim1012 answered:

If you would like 100gold a day you can marry the girl in the blue dress and every day you talk to her you choose the option that she will give you 100 gold. She is outsude the trader shop near any of the merchant booths.
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arb456 answered:

All wives give you the same amount of money each day. The differences between wives are the phrases they say when you enter your home, the line of merchandise they sell, and the homes you inherit when you marry them. Some of them can accompany you on your quest, but in many cases, you don't need to marry them for this to happen.

Type Skyrim Marriage into Google and you'll get several sites with charts saying who is available for marriage, and what each arrangement comes with (the UESP Wiki site is what I used).
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sbass021 answered:

I looked at the chart on UESP and ultimately picked Iona (House Carl in Riften). All of the House Carls have the best stats, and if I remember correctly she was the only female House Carl that could marry.
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blackrain8789 answered:

Personally I went with Uthgerd the Unbroken from Whiterun, she was my first companion, I took her on many quests until we married, and we where engaged when on a quest for the Temple of Mara, when we to find the long dead man from the Old War (creepy, isn't it, asking some one to marry you when you are looking for a ghost?).
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jonathan_james_ answered:

I'm currently married to Ysolda of Whiterun.

She's attractive looking, doesn't have a grating voice, and doesn't glitch and repeat the same line of dialogue over and over again. My follower is Jenassa, also of Whiterun who in my opinion is the best follower. She's definitely in my top two of best wife material too, if you want your wife to also be a follower.
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jazzmansam answered:

I was married to Camilla Valerius, but I was really getting tired of the impromptu visits to my wife by Faendal and Sven, so I married Lisette from the Winking Skeever in Solitude, thanks to some console commands. She still takes requests for music because she is a bard, and I can now ask my wife "What do you do around here?"

Also, having seen sbass021's post, I was wondering if you marry a housecarl/follower (such as Lydia, Iona, etc.), would they still be able to follow you, because I wouldn't see much of a point in downgrading a potentially strong fighter to a shopkeep position.
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Death_Master911 answered:

Mjoll the Lioness would be a good pick - So long as you kill the damn guy first. Just make her wait somewhere, like in Whiterun, kill the damn guy, then return to her :D
All works out, right?
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