Question from JaredPayne007

How do I get past Mehrunes Razor?

So I think I accidentally killed the guy before going to see the musem and now I need a key to get into his place is there another way to do this quest as this is the last one i need to the get the achievement.


Destiny_3000 answered:

The game you're confused with is Oblivion. You my find the answer your looking for on that Answer board.
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Reylyn answered:

Destiny, I don't believe this person is confused. Mehrunes' Razor is indeed in Skyrim, and it's a great little dagger. Jared - If you killed the NPC who gives the quest before you reforged the blade, or any of the enemies who give you a piece of the blade before you obtained the quest, then you are probably S.O.L. Sorry. =\
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