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Thieves guild (the pursuit)?

after i give the copied paper to Enthir and talk to Karliah the next quest wont start is this a glitch?


mrlaurence4 answered:

Is it at least in your quest journal? If so, then just take the long way to the Ragged Flagon (through the Ratways).
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Bartholomew_IX answered:

I'm having a similar issue with getting the quest to start. Yes, I completed Hard Answers with Mercer's Plans in my possession. I have since returned the plans to his desk and went back to Markarth to restart Hard Answers but it did not work that way. More than likely I'm going just have to go back to an earlier save and start all over. (-_-)
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xxS0uLgam3rxx answered:

What you have to do is break back into riftweald manor or however it's pronounced (mercer's house) you put mercer's plans back on the table leave close the false back panel and cabnit door behind you leave go back to snow veil sanctum go to the end and hopefully you will see karliah there keep getting her till she neels because all she says when you talk to her is "hmmm" keep hitting her till she neel like I said use the unrelenting force shout on her towards the middle of the room at a point when you do that enough she will walk to the middle of the room where she will drink a potion then turn invisible again the your screen will go blurry then it will be like mercer stabbed you as if he was there then you will wake up out side infringing if karliah then the quest hard answers get activated again do it all again but when you compete it wait for Karelian and enthir to leave then wait ten minutes in game time then go to white run or any bed and sleep for 5-7 days the go through the rat way into the ragged flaggon then she should talk to you. You will eventually be sent to steal Mercers plans (they might be on the floor another bug) pick it up and continue the quest line. Hope that helps
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xxS0uLgam3rxx answered:

Sorry that my first answer had a lot of auto corrects
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