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Can my home get robbed?

Basically as it says in the title, I recently bought the house in whiterun and I have Aela as a wife (I leave her at home) but I may have accidentally killed Lydia a while back because... Well she annoyed me. I saw in a couple of other questions about housecarls that if you don't have one in your house it can get robbed? True or troll?

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Kowrath69 answered:

Troll... Haha.. I murder lydia every time I start a new game and I use every box and barrel and drawer and cupbord for stuffs. And nothing goes missing and its still arranged how I like it :)
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Kowrath69 answered:

That's a tough one... You know you got the key when you bought breezehome... And did you know that you can store keys in a container... So maybe... If lydia is dead... Store the key to breezehome in a sack then leave the house and see if you have to lockpick your own home... That will answer your question by 50% ahaha
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