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Where can I buy good bows?

I lost my best bow and I have no idea where to buy them. I'm used to just finding them off of enemies or in chests, but I don't have time to go looking for one. Is there a shop that sells them?


dragonbourn88 answered:

Depending on where you are and what level you are and smithing skill depends in the answer, but one of the best places know of for bows near the start of the game is the hunting supplies shop across from the black smiths in whiterun
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Om01kan3 answered:

The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, Fletcher in Solitude, and after completing enough of the thieves guild missions you can unlock, Syndus in The Ragged Flagon. Also in the Ragged Flagon Tonila often has decent bows for sale.
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tzkiller24 answered:

You can go to the Drunken Huntsman or the Fletcher in Solitude or any shop that may have one at the time but it would just be easier to make one of your own
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JherrichoWulf answered:

Honestly, the best way to get a decent bow is to smith it yourself. Daedric seems to have the most power, combined with Ebony arrows is a sure thing. Also, if you have your enchantment at 100 as well as the top skill and the bottom skill at max, you can put two very powerful attack enchantments on your bow. Drinking a Philter of smithing when you craft the bow as well as sharpen it and it'll be more powerful than normal. Same goes for Enchanting (Using an enchantment boosting pot).
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Mixorz answered:

You're best off smithing your own. However if you are starting out there is an imperial bow at the Drunken Huntsman you can steal quite easily. Also if you have Dawnguard, you can do the crossbow quests and they will become available to buy (or smith), also Auriels Bow later on in the quest line.
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dark_lorican answered:

If u have all of the dlc then i would surgest a dragon or a salthrim bow with paralyze and chaos enchantment i have one form the beginging of the game after leverling up and other small bits and hhave racked in over 40 0dd hours and haven't changed at all

MY BOW salthrim (legendary) chaos 40 points and drain health 20 points not sure on damage but it kills most in one hit
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bizzyswhitetwin answered:

I say get Dawn guard and play Dawn guard quest line and you'll get some awesome bows.
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ethicalanalisys answered:

Forget about buying and skip directly to forging one.
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PrisonedSilver2 answered:

Like everyone said just make a bow but drink the boost potions to make it as strong as possible
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j800r answered:

As many have said you could smith your own or alternatively the max levelled Nightingale Bow is no slouch and probably more then good enough for you.

You shouldn't really have to "waste time looking" for more powerful bows as you level seeing as you'll more than likely loot them as you play the game. Personally (and everyone's different) I've never had to buy a single piece of equipment. I've gathered it all as loot.
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dudecoft answered:

I found a glass bow at Fletcher's in Solitude when I couldn't find one anywhere else.
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hound55 answered:

Like everyone said better off forging one yourself
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vetrix10 answered:

The fletcher in solitude because its a full archery shop and when ur lvls r high u can get ur first daedric arrows there before most shops .
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richyboy42 answered:

No matter how low your level there will alwayse be an elven bow in aelas room at jarvascar. If you dont know what jarvaskar is its the hq for the companions, its a building with and upside down boat for the roof. If you are a high level go to thalmor embassy and most of the archers have glass bows.
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x_aznpal answered:

It's best to forge, upgrade, and enchant your own bow. That way, you can choose what enchantment you want. The only downside is that you'd need a high smithing level to compare to your archery skill.

Or, you can complete the Thieves' Guild questline to receive the Nightingale Bow, which is a tier below Ebony, which is hard to come by if you aren't at a high level.
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Elliotm14 answered:

I buy from the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun
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thedeadraven96 answered:

Smith it yourself, do quests and perhaps the big huge chests in front of word walls. I found a deadric bow in one once.
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CalebKelly answered:

The best way is to smith one your self but another way is to enter a dungeon like labyrinth and beat the drauger death lord, it would be hard at a low lv so u Suggest that u bring a follower or use your beast form or vampire form if u have one. By killing the death lord u will be able to loot an ebony bow and some arrows.
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VladYvhv answered:

Upgrade your conjuration skill and select the "mystic binding" perk. Then, buy the "bound bow" spell tome. That is considered to be the best bow in the game.
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