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Ore veins not reseting, please helpp????

So I cleared out halted stream camp, i mined all of the ore veeins except one cuz i missed it, and came back. all the ore veins look full (like they're colored with ore) but the option to minee them doesn't come up and when i swing my pick axe at it manually nothing happens.

teriblewitnames provided additional details:

What do you mean the respawn at diff rates? i thought after 30 in game days the cave will reset after you've cleared it?

like i said, the ore is there but at the same time its not... i cant get any out but it shows up as being filled with ore but theres no cursor action avaiable nd nothin comes out when i swing the pickaxe


WuldNaKest answered:

Just wait a little longer, as they don't all respawn at the same rate.
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jammymacster answered:

Respawned ore veins tend to glitch like that. To fix them simply exit the area and go back again.
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