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Daedric Artifact in the Midden?

When searching around in the midden under the college of winterhold, I ran across the gauntlet with the oblivion symbol on it that allows you to activate each of the fingers separately.
Basically what I'm asking is... what does it do?
I didn't see any books nearby to explain it (like you do with the atronach forge) and I have gone through the whole game without seeing it mentioned anywhere else.
(I completely forgot about this thing, then ran across it again on my second playthrough and remembered that i had never figured the thing out.)
Anyway yeah, what does this thing do?

Accepted Answer

DrNewcenstein answered:

There should be an Investigator's Notebook or somesuch in the same room with a key to a chest in the Arcaneum. The chest contains 4 rings. The rings go on the glove.
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WuldNaKest answered:

Not an artifact, but rather a thing that summons a special Dremora. The nearby table has a key to a chest in the left side of the Arcaneum at the college. Put the 4 rings inside on the gloves to summon the Dremora.
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