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When will the lovely ladies of Dibella open up?

When you go to the temple of Dibella, please tell me there is some possible way to join. The gal in the entree-way says they are always busy praying, and when you pick the lock to find out what the pretty ladies are up too, you realize they aren't just having a slumber-party. They get mad and try to kill you. Is there a quest or anything that allows you to be a sister?

B1oodnchocolate provided additional details:

I was a female Nord and they tried to kill me, is it just random? Btw I didn't receive any chance to talk to any of them. One lady says hold on, the other was "you're not supposed to ne here." And then boom. Electrocuted.


chris764 answered:

yes i belive there is a quest its a miscellaneous quest called the Mark of Dibella i think u have to talk to like 3 people and get them to tell u something by persuadiing or intimidating them and each one of them gives u a mark of dibella which is a special stone- u have to give to the ladies there and i guess it does somethin maybe gives u access to whatever is in that room probably(havent got that far myself).
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krilledit answered:

To be allowed in the back you have to be a woman, for a male character you have to pick the lock in the back sneak in and let them catch you. Depending on how you answer...... They will send you on a quest to find the Sibel of dibella or try and kill you
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OokamiAya answered:

You're not allowed in the back as a woman. You have to pick the lock and let them catch you as both sexes.

As I recall, there's a drunk beggar that hangs out around the entrance to the city, or in the inn. He will give you a quest to steal something, which is when I have always broken in and subsequently been caught. I'm not sure, but maybe having that quest will keep them from killing you. Otherwise it sounds like a bug.
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OokamiAya answered:

After completing the quest to find the Sybil, you will not be a member, but they will give you a permanent buff, allow you in back, and one will offer training.

I'd be willing to bet, though, that some of their hostility is a result of dealing with the sort of rudeness in the question! Honestly.
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Vyrrum answered:

What u do is you break in after your get the statue stealing quest from the begger. Either steal it and don't get caught or talk to then to start a new quest failing the origional quest. They will not kill you if you don't tell them your there to steal. Just say your looking around lol
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