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How do I beat this numbers job?

When I go into Haelga's bunkhouse, it shows an arrow over a blank, box that I can't do ANYTHING to. Really confusing me, so I need help.

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BrokenRainY57 answered:

Actually, you can just go back to the Thieves Guild and cancel the job, then ask for a new one. And the glitch doesn't make it impossible to restore the guild, its just a minor annoyance because the jobs do cycle and when you've done enough of the same type you'll eventually get that job again and have to cancel it again.
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WuldNaKest answered:

It's one of the glitches associated with this quest making it impossible to complete it and restore the guild, thus rendering the achievement for such unobtainable. You should reload to before the quest started, just to be safe about getting it to load and spawn right.
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Oxus_the_Smoove answered:

Yeah, just cancel the job. You need to do 5 jobs (any kind) each in markarth, whiterun, solitude, and windhelm. So if you get a Riften job, just cancel it and get another. Get a quest from Delvin and Vex at the same time to minimize having to load all those screens in and out of the Guild. Once you do five in a city, Delvin will give you a special quest for that city. Once you do it, no need to do quests for that city anymore. Once you do the special quest for each hold, you get a special reward and the achievement.
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MehGusta answered:

Having done the "restoring the Thieves guild" quest the long way, this has happened a few times to me before. I would suggest reloading your save before you got the quest. Numbers jobs are my favourite jobs, and I can recall something like this happening to me.
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TheodorosTDL answered:

When given a numbers job by Delvin to change the ledger in the Bunkhouse, the quest marker points to the floor or one of the second floor store room, not the actual ledger. The actual ledger is located in the room behind the front counter where Haelga often stands during the day. The quest will not advance if the ledger is activated and will be impossible to complete.

To fix this use ` (tilde~) to open the console, and type:
setstage TGRFO 50

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