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How do i clear my bounty on skyrim?!

I have a huge bounty in markarth from the prison quest, when i escaped i decided not go back for a while so now im too far in the game to reload the save.

Anyway, when i enter the city a guard approaches me and arrests me, i have 3 options, the only one that works is a fight to the death, but i cant win. I am in the thieves guild, but the bribe doesnt work, and when i submit, the guards text just repeats, and he sais im under arrest again. Then i say i submit again, then it repeats again and again.

Is there any stone i can get or raise my speech or something to beat this?


Teh_Btrflyz answered:

Try picking the resist arrest option then sheathing your weapon. He shoukd try to arrest you again, and it might solve your issue.
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DFgear answered:

Had a very similar problem in riften. What i did was load a previous save in a safe location, get a lot of money to pay the full fine, and go pay it. They took all my stolen goods and let me go.
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