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How many total locations are there?

I'm looking to get 100% of the locations. I have about 320-something. How many are there in total?

weapon_d00d816 provided additional details:

I have 342, just checked. But I'd really like a definate answer. I've gotton a lot of different numbers from people.

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Revan9612116 answered:

simple. ALLOT
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ScuxdeluxeNZ answered:

I think there is about 343.
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ScuxdeluxeNZ answered:

There is definitly 343, I googled it and I have 343 and cant find anymore
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Indianawinny answered:

There are 343 (not including the deagons) there are 200 deagons. 343+200= 543 locations
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d3rpymuffins answered:

The most I have found with the DLC is 352. The most I have heard of is 354. I think I'm missing a few. Also, there is a location that pretty much everyone will miss, and its called Pilgim's Rest. It's a sunken ship outside of winterhold to the west if you are facing the entrance to the college.
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waterboy2468 answered:

at least 346 I checked and there was about 346 not sure but there maybe more
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Bioscopy answered:

The wiki says 732 im guessing that is every location. 343 is the amount of locations you can fast travel to.
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mrgamer96 answered:

Between 300-500. It would be cool to find them all but I only found around 200 and my msp is pretty rediculous.
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tornbjerg1 answered:

My guess is more then 400 :)!
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TheEmily answered:

I have found 359 with the DLC. I used:
to find them all. Good luck!
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jajatukik answered:

There Are Many Places In Skyrim 300up Sonds About Right
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jedi191 answered:

Should be 625
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byrlo8 answered:

I have the detailed map and I counted them up and came up with 537, that includes all the locations and the capitals.
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Olliesdad answered:

There are 343.
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Wademun answered:

I have 363 with dawnguard and hearthfire
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