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Quickest way to level up smithing?

I need to know the quickest way to level up my smithing so i can use all my ingots i have to make all my items stronger, any help asap will be much appreciated :)

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tha_lopedawg answered:

Buy iron ingots and leather strips and forge iron daggers, you can also buy iron ore and leather to help you get more of the materials.
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tha_lopedawg answered:

Whiterun is the best place to do this, because there are 4 vendors that sell the materals. Getting the lover stone effect will also help things go quicker.
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nwanamaker answered:

The fastest and cheapest method is to create Iron Daggers and Leather Bracers. It takes some time but if you are getting your butt kicked, the time and money is well spent. The good news is that you can boost some other skills at the same time if you so desire.

Here are the materials you need:
1. Purchase, mine or find Iron Ingots
2. Purchase, hunt or find Leather
3. Purchase, make or find Leather Straps
4. (Optional) Purchase or find Soul Gems
Note: You can reset materials at stores by saving and restarting the game.

1. Go activate the Warrior Stone near Riverwood as this will boost the experience learned in Smithing (20%)
Note: Lover's stone is also good as it boosts ALL skill learning, but at a lower rate
2a. Go to a bed you own and sleep in it for an hour (or more). This will give you the Well Rested bonus and boost the experience learned in all skills (10%)
2b. If you do not own a bed, use an Inn for the Rested bonus (5%). Not as good, but better than nothing.
2c. If you have a wife/husband, sleep in the same bed for the Lovers Comfort bonus (15%).
Note: Rested bonuses are temporary so make sure you renew it.

1. Go to a Forge
2. Make as many Iron Daggers as you can with your current materials (boosts Smithing)
3. (Optional) Make Leather Bracers with remaining Leather/Leather Strips (boosts Smithing)
4. (Optional) Use Soul Gems and forged items on Arcane Enchanter (boosts Enchanting)
Note: Enchantment type will affect selling price. The best is Banish - You will actually turn a profit!
5. Sell the forged items to one or more merchants* (boosts Speech)
Note: Selling each one at a time will boost it even more as each transaction gives you a boost!
Note: If stores run out of money, buy your materials first so that they have more money to spend.
6. Restock and repeat

*Not all merchants will buy weapons/armor - you can change that by unlocking the Merchant perk in the Speech skill tree.

There are several other guides and videos out there on this as well.
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arb456 answered:

The best, and cheapest, way is to make leather bracers and iron daggers. I recommend only making the daggers if you have iron ingots, NOT iron ore (unless making a lot of money isn't a priority). The reason is that the tramsmute spell (which you get early in the game - it's in the school of alteration), will allow you to turn that iron ore into gold and silver ore, which you can combine with the gems you find to make very valuable jewelry.
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Graheimolfang answered:

Go out hunting for a few days with only your bow and some enchantment that enables you to carry lots of items/ or a companion, kill loads of wolves, deer bears ect. turn it all into leather and leather strips, make loads of hide and leather armour, sell it to the weapon smith, buy all the iron you ingots you can, then make loads of iron daggers. this will increase your smithing and speech skills at the same time.
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skyrimelf212 answered:

i have 3 characters all combat level 81 i use this method to do so:

first i us the skyforge chest glitch technique (

i then sell all my findings to the girl outside warmaidens except for my iron and leather i then buy all iron from warmaidens inside and out i use this to get to about level 90 smithing
then i go to winter hold and to the mission to get the ogmah infinium this is stumbled upon in the main quest line but i just go to the mission start witch is quite easy to find if you head north from winterhold you will find and outpost marked on the map as a cave it should be the first you get to and once there dothe mission once you have the ogmah infinium go to a house you own with a book shelf and use the ogmah infinium glitch (

if you need any help or if i haven't explained my self properly get intouch via my email
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skyrimelf212 answered:

This technique will not only get u to level 100 smithing but to level 81 within 2-3 days with comitment
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