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Windhelm House - Jorleif is busy?

I did everything that is required to be able to by the house in Windhelm. Ulfric told me he wanted me to live close and all that and I even have the quest to speak to Jorleif about buying the house but it just says This person is busy everytime I try to talk to him. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.

Timx706x provided additional details:

I've done the one that he gave me. Still said he was busy and Ulfric gave me the reward. Did all the other ones I had as well.


Indianawinny answered:

Check if he gave you a bounty quest you have to do that quest first and if he still dosn't say anything i have no idea.Tip: I would do all the bounty quests first.(Had same problem with 'Blood on ice' quest) It says Kill the _______ located in __________. Melcelelus (The bottom) bar in quests. Hope this helped :)
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