Question from ChibiNeechan

I Can't Find Gulum-Ei, it's not the "inside and outside of Solitude" glitch?

I followed him all the way through the Warehouse and into the Grotto, and then the quest marker has me run all the way to the end of the grotto and out back into Skyrim, then runs me all the way back around the mountain to the Warehouse to do it again. Can anyone help me with this? I looked for an answer and no one has one for this particular problem.

SpootFace asked for clarification:

Are you sure you don't have multiple quests selected at the same time? Cause I know I've done that before and I'll start following one arrow and then just start following the other. Really can mess you about.


lowjunk answered:

Yes. It sounds like a glitch/bug. I would say reload from an earlier save and try again. Or start a new game.
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kareemdonia answered:

I didn't find him anywhere even using tcl command nowhere to be found, I solved it like that after 2 hours trying hope it comes in handy for any 1 who got the same issue
type in the console "player.placeatme 13284 1" should spawn 1 over you.
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