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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find missing Stone of Barenziah?

I have 23 out of 24 Stones of Barenziah and cannot find the last one. I have been everywhere listed in the guidebook and there are none to be found. I just got the one from the Embassy so I know that is not the missing one. I have returned at least three times to each location with no luck. Help?

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Thanks, will check there. So far I have looked in every location listed here:

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I double checked every single location so I know that where the stones are supposed to be there are none. If the wiki and the book are correct I got every stone yet the game still shows I only have 23. Grrrr! I was certain I got them all but just to be sure I double checked and in some places triple checked. Nothing.

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Guess I got the bug, I got the ones in Pinewatch and Fellglow Keep early in the game (at least I am certain about Pinewatch) and have been to every single location listed in every website dealing with Skyrim. Character is 56th level, have finished just about every quest and discovered about 90% of all locations. I don't want to start over just to find that last bloody stone. I hate this....

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From: Ksilvante 2 years ago

I found the bloody thing. I just looked in the wrong place. Thanks for all the help!

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Sorry but without listing every single one you have theres not much we can do except guess, last one i got was at serpent's bluff redoubt ruins, hadnt got it before, have a look

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Okay just thought it through and may not be serpents bluff, is there one that stands out in your mind that definitely wasn't there, or ones that definitely you remember getting?

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The UESP wiki says "Sometimes the gems that are supposed to be in Fellglow Keep and Pinewatch Sanctuary don't appear" - I wonder if that happened to you? There's a fix for it if you're on PC, but that doesn't help if you're on Xbox 360.

You could compare the list on the Elder Scrolls Wiki to the list on UESP just in case one gives a better explanation of where the stone is?

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