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Where can I find all the Dragon Priests that have masks?

I know many others have already asked,but can somebody please take the time to list the locations of them?It would be much easier to find for future reference if they were listed on this site.

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Moondrop21 answered:

Ok. First we have Krosis meaning "sorrow" He's found in Shearpiont,The pale near the dragon. He's pretty tuff so I reccomend spamming him with fire bolts. Next we have Morokei meaning "glorious" He is found in Labyrinthian, Hjaalmarch. He's a lover of using lightning magickas so I'd say staying back and using arrows should do it. also try raising your lightning resistance. Then it's Nahkriin meaning "vengeance" you can find him at Skuldafn during "the worlds eater eyrie" main quest. If you have the shout unrelenting force I'd suggest using that to kill him. Then there's Volsung, it means "horror". He's found at the end of Volskygge, Haafingar. He's good at frost magicka so don't attemt to fight him without high frost resistance. I'd advise using magicka eating weapons. Also there's Havnoraak meaning "brutal" (which he is) Use arrows and shouts to beat him. He's found in Valthume, The Reach. Then there is Rahgot. He's located in Forelhost, The Rift. He's part of "siege the dragon cult" quest. I say shoot him with arrows. Next is Otar meaning "mad" He's in Ragnvald, The Reach. Good with fire and shock magickas so be careful!! Try sneaking and shooting him with arrows. Vokun's next and he means "shadow" He will cast storm and flame atronachs! He's super powerful, so I'd say frost magicka's the way to go. Last but not least!! It's Konahrik!! REMEMBER! you have to aquire all 8 masks to get to him. he means "Warlord" Go back to Labyrinthian and place all 8 masks on their pedestals and you'll get the wooden mask use this to travel back in time to aquire Konahriks mask. Hope I helped! :)
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ElisaMarie12 answered:

Shear point is one if you talk to esbern he will point it out but you have to be a blade. And there is a video on YouTube if you look it up type in dragon priest masks
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Skyrim1012 answered:

Some can be found in quests but krosis is at shearpoint and the wooden mask is at labyrintian and when you put it on where you find it you put the other masks in little face holes and I guess something happens
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