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How do I solve (Blackreach)?

I am just outside the laboratory and I need to find a lever that takes me to the end of the puzzle. But I can't find it. My "quest cursor" disappeared out of nowhere so I am super disoriented please help.

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Thanks but that part IA for the end I need help getting to the place where I'll need to use the lexicon

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Thanks a lot got out finally

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jammymacster answered:

Still not sure exactly where you are. Are you actually in Blackreach or are you in one of the dwarven ruins still like Alftand? If you are in Alftand and you're in an area where you fought some Falmer with a gate in front of you and a centurion on the other side then you need to turn around and head up either staircase to a balcony above where you entered, up there is the lever.
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jammymacster answered:

Not sure exactly where you mean. But assuming you mean the part with the dwemer puzzle,
"Put the Lexicon inside the stand. To decipher the code, press the second button from the right until the Lexicon opens and the third button from the right lights up. Press the third button until you see the overhead lenses directing light onto the sphere, and the fourth button lights up. Press the last button, retrieve the scroll for the concurrent quest Elder Knowledge, and don't forget to grab the Lexicon. Once you have both the Elder Scroll and the Lexicon, return to Septimus Signus at his outpost."

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If this doesn't help could you provide more information? Such as the exact area your in, if your doing a quest (like Discerning the Transmundane) or any other details you can provide.
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