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Where can I find vampires?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can find vampires, and if possible explain where it is on the map.

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jammymacster answered:

There a number of places where you can find Vampires. One particular place that is easily accessed at the start of the game is Broken Fang Cave. It is directly west of Whiterun. On the way you will pass the Western Watchtower, Fort Greymoor and Sleeping Tree Camp.

Be weary though as vampires can be quite powerful in Skyrim.

For a list of more possible locations check out this article:
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13eoh13 answered:

All answers to your question can be found by watching this GameFront video from their website:
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happysteve789 answered:

Also you can go to Morthal talk to the jarl and start a quest in which you come to meet vampires.
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