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Blood on the ice quest bug?

OK. So i got all the clues from the house 'hyjurm' or something like that. Anyway I can't get assistance from jorleif OR follow up on clues from 'hyjurm' (except selling the strange amulet) HELP!???!

luigi203 provided additional details:

OH yeah im on the ps3 version too. Sorry i didn't even realize this was XBOX 360 skyrim. Lol

luigi203 provided additional details:

Also I sold the amulet thing.

jammymacster asked for clarification:

Did you take a pamphlet to Viola and question her about it?

luigi203 provided additional details:

Hmm.... do you mean 1 of those pamphlets of the butcher's?

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CRtwenty answered:

Take the amulet you found to Calixto and sell it then talk to Viola. Then you can either talk to Jorleif or talk to the Keep's Wizard to continue the quest.
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jammymacster answered:

Make sure to take one of the pamphlets and go and see Viola. Also sell the amulet (I'm not sure if you actually have done) and then take action.
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TheSkyHasTrees answered:

Follow this ->
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Mixorz answered:

I got bugged on this quest, but your best bet is to follow the Wiki, see where you're at, and you can just skip to he next part.
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