Question from uniabrowfubar

How do I solve Lost to the ages quest?

for any one having a problem with the quest I found the end point it it is a place called Runesof Bathalft it is almost half way between a town called Ivarsted and Froki's shack it is in a patch of green S.W. of Throat of the world and west of the river that runs out to the south of Ivarstead it is drectly west of a tower called Trvas's watch(on other side of the river there is a imperial camp to the west of the runis of bthalft. hopes this helps.

zero2935 asked for clarification:

So, was this a question you needed answering, or were you just posting this to help people having issues finding the place? Cuz there IS a marker...

uniabrowfubar provided additional details:

I was posting it to help other people out me and 2 of my friends did not have a quest marker show up to tell us where the forge was.


DrNewcenstein answered:

You might have to go into a nearby cave/ruin/house to get the marker to trigger. I had that a couple of times on that mission.
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mjpk13 answered:

But where is the fourth shard? I've gotten one of Mzulft and Roldbthar, but can't find the last one
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BigSexxxyNash answered:

Im stuck the bridge getting the second shard piece can someone tell me how to fix the last jamed gear in Roldbthor's Deep Market
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daishan35 answered:

If you haven't checked under the water thats where the last gear is jammed.
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