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Theives guild quest says -13 ?

Ok in my quest counter it says iv done negative 13 missions I'm kinda lost and I want to get the safe after doing 125 side missions am I f**ked or can I keep doin mission

Here's what u get for doin vex and delvens missions

5 jobs jeweled candle stick
15 jobs ornate drinking horn
25 jobs golden ship model
35 jobs golden urn
45 jobs jeweled goblet
55 jobs jeweled pitcher
75 jobs jeweled flagon
And 125 jobs a safe next to the bookcase with all your golden/ jeweled items

Iv gotten up to the drinking horn but I'm still wondering y this has happend ? Any help I would be very thankful : )

Reaper2225 asked for clarification:

What do you mean by 13 negative mission? Like failed missions?


Browneyedwolf answered:

Im pretty sure that every time you quit a job it puts you into the negative. I followed a post that told me to do that so i wouldnt repeat missions but didnt mention the ide effect. So im like -28 myself
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